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About Us

Pavztacos is made up of Isabel Tapia Franco, Carlos Bernal Lopez and Jazmin Bernal Tapia, We are a very hard-working family and passionate about gastronomy and culinary art, this is demonstrated in each one of our dishes that we make to satisfy our diners. in addition to providing good care, quality service and comfort to create a good atmosphere.


Our main objective is to create pleasurable experiences for our clients' palates while we introduce Mexican gastronomy and culture.

The Family

On August 26, 2019, the Restaurant "Pavz tacos" was inaugurated, under the concept of offering the best service and the best dishes of Mexican food.

From our beginnings until today, we continue to keep the high commitment that we dedicate to each dish, and dream of having our own restaurant, now it is a dream come true thanks to so much effort on the part of my family and we are going for more goals to fulfill.

We thank our customers for their preference and acceptance because without you the restaurant "Pavztacos" would not have been possible, reiterating our commitment to provide quality service and we hope to continue to be the restaurant of your choice. Always welcome to your home, Restaurante Pavz tacos.



The dishes we offer have an orderly and thorough elaboration process which is determined by the experience that our clients obtain from being at PAVZ TACOS.


We create our dishes with the aim of our own satisfaction and that of our clients. We do things with the idea and the feeling of achieving a good compliment.


We try to be in tune with our clients so that they can have a nice meal as well as a very good experience.


Be transparent with our clients and collaborators, grant what is offered.